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History of the PCTT

When Reverend John Morton, a Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Nova Scotia, Canada and a Canadian of Scottish decent came to Trinidad... Read more

About the Church

The Presbyterian Church in Trinidad and Tobago has 40,000 members, 105 congregations and 100 house fellowships. The church maintains 72 Presbyterian...Read more

Events of the PCTT

The Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago has a number of upcoming events. Be sure to check out our Calendar to keep up to date... View Calendar


Here's a snapshot of featured Presbyterian Churches throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Contact us to have your church placed here

PCTT Event Calendar

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Officers of the Synod

Message from the Moderator

I am pleased to welcome you to the Website of The Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago.  Here you will learn of who we are as Presbyterians living and witnessing for Christ in this part of the world.

Our Mission Statement is “We are called as a Church to worship God, to study and listen to his Word, to respond to the power of the Holy Spirit, to proclaim Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Lord and in obedience and faithfulness to Him, to  serve all people everywhere to the glory of God.”

As you enter the pages, links, calendars of this website, I encourage you to look for the Presbyterian congregation closest to you and join them for worship.
The Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago has changed the landscape of our society through its witness of the gospel, national education offered in our primary and secondary schools, the service of clergy men and women at the Senate, and statements on national and international issues that affect us as a people.

As you explore our website I pray that God’s grace and mercy be with you.

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