Officers of the Synod



Annabell Lalla-Ramkelawan

Moderator of the Synod

The current Moderator of Synod is the Right Reverend Annabell Lalla-Ramkelawan, since 2015. The Moderator is elected from among its Ministerial members, biennially. The duties of this Office include chairing Meetings of Synod, Synodical Council and Executive of Synodical Council, giving leadership to the Church in spiritual matters, representing the Church on public occasions and Heads of Churches conferences, visiting Pastoral Regions and Presbyteries to give guidance and counsel and serving as the Pastor-Pastorum during his/her term of Office.

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Aphzal Ackbarali

General Secretary of the Synod

The General Secretary, Mr Aphzal Ackbarali, is responsible for the day to day administration of Synod's Office, working under the direction of the Moderator of Synod. His functions include keeping a record of Minutes of Synod, Synodical Council and Executive of Synodical Council, giving extracts to those having a constitutional right to them, arranging necessary meetings of the Synod and Synodical Council, preserving all records which are Synod's property and lodged in premises approved by Synod, as well as conducting correspondence on behalf of Synod, Syn¬odical Council and Executive of Synodical Council, as instructed.

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Frederick Lakhan

Property Manager

The Property Manager is the overseer of all properties owned and operated by the Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago. The duties of the current Property Manager, Mr. Frederick Lakhan include, but are not limited to the operational and preventative maintenance of all church property, which include its Churches, Schools, Manses, and lands, inventory management, inspection of property and reporting issues to the Synod. He is also responsible for liaising with external parties, such as land surveyors to ensure proper identification of boundaries and continuously liaises with various Sessions to engage in regular site visits to guarantee property is well secured and land is not being encroached upon. He is also obligated to maintain historical records of various properties to ensure lease tenures are effectively recorded to facilitate timely renewals as well as to ensure property documents are easily accessible when required.

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Curtis Seepersad

General Treasurer of the Synod

The General Treasurer, Mr Curtis Seepersad, is responsible for monetary transactions undertaken on behalf of Synod, as instructed by Synod, Synodical Council, or Executive of Synodical Council. He prepares the draft budget of the Church before the beginning of the financial year, in consultation with the Board of Stewardship and Finance, presents an annual financial statement duly audited to Synod each year for approval, provides a financial statement of Income, Expendi¬ture and Balance for information of Pastoral Regions, Presbyteries, Synodical Council and Executive of Synodical Council, at the end of each quarter, in order to facilitate discussions on financial matters.



Simone Singh-Sagar

National Youth Coordinator

Mrs Simone Singh-Sagar has been the NYC since August 2010, operating out of the Synod’s Office. The duties of this post include formulating plans and activities for Youth Groups and Regional Youth Assemblies to engage youths in the building of their faith in Jesus Christ by creating inter-regional relationships, encouraging discipleship, providing possibilities for service through mission and outreach and establishing the bonds of community throughout the country. The NYC reports monthly to the Synodical Council and annually to the Synod of the PCTT.