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Morton Memorial Presbyterian Church

The Morton Memorial Presbyterian Church was established in 1898 by Dr John Morton. Reverend John Morton, a Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Nova Scotia, Canada, came to Trinidad to recuperate from illness. During his stay, he visited sugar estates and seeing the East Indian Community about 20,000,  in a state of neglect, he returned to Canada and asked his Church to initiate a mission to these people. He offered himself as the pioneer of such a mission. The Canadian Church accepted the challenge. On January 6th, 1868, Reverend Morton, his wife and infant daughter arrived in Trinidad. Morton then began the work of developing the Presbyterian Church in Trinidad, focusing on the Indian indentured laborers in Trinidad. The first mission was at Iere Village on the western outskirts of Princes Town and in time spread throughout Trinidad.

The church at Guaico was built in 1898 and a Primary School was also established.   William Hugh Benjamin from Scotland who had a bakery in Guaico assisted Dr. John Morton, with the lumber to erect the Morton Memorial Presbyterian Church and the Guaico Presbyterian School.

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Location Guaico, Trinidad